New backup service

Mike and Stephie
Nov 14, 2019

Special Offer Jan 2021

Snapshots are taken of our servers each week and held for a month

Some site owners would like that to be more frequent especially when there are intensive changes. In that situation you can lose a lot of work for a week.

Right now we are installing user backup on some sites. What this offers:

  • Daily weekly and monthly backup schedules
  • On demand backups (you make a big change. Backup before, backup after)
  • Download both page and database backups to your own safe storage
  • 1G of disk space

We are currently offering backup system installation for $60+GST.

A tutorial video will be available shortly

This offer expires on 29th Feb 2021

Let us know if you want to go ahead with this

Kindest regards Mike and Stephie

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